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Project Daedalus Update 4/10

It’s been some time since my last progress update, and I have sort of fallen out of the groove.  As such, this is going to be a short post to sort of get back into the swing of things.

I spent a good while last night working out a good solution to adding rotating gear platforms into the Boilerworks.  The initial idea was simple.  I was going to simply convert the gear texture into a set of vertices and load them up as a collision volume.  However, I realized this solution was not going to be viable as I have been using SAT collision, and a single gear polygon would have been a concave polygon (not supported by SAT implementation).  I decided to try Distance Grid collision instead of SAT, but the difference was noticeable and caused some big headaches.

It doesn’t look like the good folks at Farseer will be implementing concave polygon decomposition until Farseer 3.0 is released, so I had to take an alternate route.

The end result was simply generating multiple convex geometries programmatically that matched mt gear texture.  This ended up working perfectly, and as such we now have some really nice gear platforms ready to be added to levels.  A screenshot of the testbed is below.

Hopefully I’ll start updating this a bit more often as development continues.

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