Project Daedalus (2D Platformer)

Project: Project Daedalus (2D Platformer)

Development Time: 6 Months

Current Status: HIATUS

Tools Used: Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, Adobe Photoshop CS4, XACT3

Language: C#

Framework: Microsoft XNA Game Studio 3.1

Code Snippets: Player.cs, GrenadeSoldier.cs

Project Description:

This project is a hybrid tile / object based 2D action platforming game.   The entire codebase was written by me with the following exceptions:

  • Collisions and physics are handled by the Farseer 2D physics engine located here.
  • Screen management system written by Jared Miller
  • Portions of the particle system are derived from code written by James Silva in his book “Building XNA 2.0 Games”, and are used with permission.

The game currently supports multiple enemy types with varying degrees of AI, 4 different weapon types (normal attack, flamethrower, ice shield, and a pseudo time-freeze), as well as a few custom HLSL shaders.  The game also uses a deferred 2D renderer which is supplied by my Paradigm 2D rendering engine, which allows for multiple dynamic lights, normal mapping, and depth mapping.  Levels for the game are build using the Paradigm 2D World Builder.

The goals for this project are simple:

  • I wanted to experiment with interesting gameplay mechanics.  I wanted to see if I could emulate older, “tried and true” mechanics, and then see if I could build upon them in new and interesting ways.
  • I wanted to learn more about enemy AI behavior.  I wanted to see what it took in order to ensure enemy AI was smart enough to react to player created situations as well as the world.
  • I wanted to learn more about 3rd party physics engine middleware solutions, as well as their integration and usage.

This project is no longer in it’s core design phase, and is now in a stage where level concepts can be deployed and interesting mechanics can be tested.

*The art assets used in game are “borrowed” sprites from the Mega Man X series and the Metroid series.  Aside from those obvious sprites, all other art assets, particle assets, and sound / music assets are original and have been created by me.

*Heavily modified portions of RectangleExtension class, Jump methods, and Animation methods are derived from the Microsoft Platformer Starter Kit and are used with permission under the MSPL.