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Daniel Soltyka
AI Programmer at Ubisoft
Toronto, Canada Area | Computer Games

Game industry software engineer proficient in multiple programming languages, system design methodologies, and mathematics.

Credited Titles:
Starlink: Battle For Atlas (2018)
Infinite Crisis (2014)
Dungeons and Dragons Online: The Shadowfell Conspiracy (2013)
The Lord of the Rings Online: Riders of Rohan (2013)

Specialties: C++, C#, Object-Oriented Design, Gameplay Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Linear Algebra, DirectX, MFC, STL, WPF

AI Programmer - Starlink: Battle For Atlas (2015 - Present)
Public Company, 10001+, Computer Games

* Designed and implemented multiple AI related game systems including threat, perception, abilities, locomotion, animation, and game actions.

* Utilized behavior trees in order to implement AI behaviors for a wide spectrum of NPC archetypes including multiphase boss encounters

* Worked with gameplay team to develop a player / NPC agnostic ability system used to handle game input and execute script based abilities

* Worked closely with animation team in order to develop NPC animation sets that were able to meet gameplay / design requirements while maintaining believably and personality

* Built and maintained multiple animation systems for various NPCs, including both bipeds and quadrupeds